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My old Englisn text

Lately i've found my old Englsh text book from 2009, from school, and the following text I've taken from it.
I wrote it myself. The aim was to write some interview, conected with weather.
Could You find and correct any mistakes for me?
There was an enormous halestorm at the west of the city of Manchestrr, with drops the size of tangerine.
As a result, all the windows are broken down, the cars are smashed and now look like piles of metal.
Also 100 y.o. tree felt down and broke the city community center building. Thanx to God Major of the city wasn't at work becouse he went to Hawaii Islands with some sirious political visit.

Now we're talking to some witness Mr. Shortneck

-Mr. Shortneck, what just have happened?
-I DONT KNOW! IT WAS A HUGE WIND! AND IT TOOK MY COW AWAY. IT LIFTED IT ABOVE THE GROUND, HIGHER THAN THE HOUSES, AND FLEW IT AWAY TO MY NEIGHBOUR FIELD. he says that he hasn't senn my cow but i'm sure that he will have some barbeque tomorrow.
-and what you can say about halestorm?
-what halestorm? i was asleep after wind.
-ok, thanx. it was Oleh for bbc news. See you next time!




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    Megan's corrections are pretty good, but she missed a couple:

    halestorm should be hailstorm

    all the windows were broken down (Broken down means stopped working)

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