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IELTS essay

Since faminist movement, women have shared increasingly equal opportunities as men had. There are nearly half of female students in universities nowadays. Yet some people even ask for enrolling equal numbers of both genders to study in every subject.

First of all, the enrollment in every major should be based on the academic performance and comprehensive abilities of individuals but not some unpractical standards. Females are prone to be inadequate in science. Thus, they are usually not competitive enough in Mathematics compared with their counterparts. Likewise, few men would choose Education since most of them are neither gifted in language nor in patience who are hard to be a qualified teacher. Due to these internal differences, naturally the academic pursuits will differfrom boys to girls

Apart from that, we have to take their different interests into consideration. If colleges force female students to learn Engineering for the sake of blind pursuit in equal numbers in various subjects, it may not only interfere in girls’ interest but also deprive of that of boy. Overall, it is difficult to urge girls to study anatomy as well as to bend boys to learn embroidery. Pupils should choose the major they want freely.

Education should be prepared for students’ future professions. University Education has to accept a fact that there is sexual imbalance in some careers like some labored jobs. We can hardly imagine women to engage in builders, plumbers or firemen. Similarly, it is unpractical to oblige men to be nurses or kindergartners. Obviously, these sexual diversities should be noticed in colleges.

It is neither realistic nor necessary to maintain the equal numbers among different genders in every subject. It is not a matter ofsexual equity but a matter of personal choices. Because of the differences between females and males, students should be provided freedom to choose their subjects rather than be regulated their numbers by some arbitrary norms.




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