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a good TV program for mandarin learner

Chinese language is hard to learn for some foreigners,which may be the most difficult language.Our Chinese also say:Chinese language is easy to learn ,but difficult to foreign friends, i can feel your frustrate. But Chinese language is also a interesting language,like others in the world.

Now, i recommend a good TV program for you, that name is called "the sisters of WTO", made by Taiwan, part of CHINA. Most of the guests are all foreigners, whose the half are Chinese. one person's suffering is suffering,a group's suffering is a joke. This TV program have different subjects in each season,the guests share their individual experience,and show the mistakes they say.the host will correct them and teach some little knowledge with fun.You will find that Chinese language so great.

please help me to correct the article,I will share more interesting thing for you.thank u very much.
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