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the 7.0 earthquake in lushan ya'an city.The sichuan province again!

Terrible feeling about earthquake.Today morning I got up early as usual.And I began to type sth. on my computer.The earthquake happened!!
I escaped to the toilt.My two roommates shaked out of the earthquake.So three of us standed in there.Many students ran out to dormitory.We were in five floor.The building only have six floors.So it's not smart to ran downstairs.If a real big disater come,higher maybe more safe than downstair in school.Beacasue the dormitories are really closed.Back to the topic,the building is shakeing from side to side,I'm totally afriad.I almost felt despair.I'm so yonng and dont want to die.Fortunately I have a really great roomate has the powerful mental.She said dont run ,just see.It will be shake for a while and fine.I must appreciate her.She is so clam down for this.And also maybe the really diaster come will save my life.The few words calm me down.We just saw downstairs.But its continued too long.The seconds became century.We just looked at each others and felt worried.Finally it's stop.We ran downstairs immediately.And my legs still shaking.This feeling is much stronger than 5.12wenchuan earthquake I undergo in2008 and too bad.
And the most important thing I want to mention it.I dreamed twice earthquake before.One is not falled in dormitoy.What happened today is so like in dream. The another one is falled.I'm so afraid about that one!People save me~~~




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