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Yummy, I and my parents ate up the cake within 5mins. LoL 我们都是吃货一族, 因为要拍照片,被抢走了一块!〒_〒



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    Yummy, I and my parents and I ate up all the cake within 5 mins. LoL 我们都是吃货一族, 因为要拍照片,被抢走了一块!〒_〒 We are all 吃货 (or you can say, "we are a family of 吃货") - trying to take a picture, but also trying to snatch a piece to eat.

    hehe. Funny. :) I know what 吃货 means, but I'm trying to think of how best to say it in English. I think the best translation is "gourmand." Very informally you could say, "We're all foodaholics!" 吃货 can also sometimes have a slightly negative meaning, in which case "glutton" would be an appropriate word.

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