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Introduce your self

hello, i wanna ask how to introduce your self in Korean?




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    Learning a language usually starts around you. It means that if there are level 1-5 in language learning and 5 being the hardest, 1 is mostly about self introduction. It asks about name, nationality, language you speak, job, studies, hobbies, birthday and age, family relations, etc. It seems like you are just started to step on this road.


    I'll start you with introducing your name and couple other things first.

    If you haven't learned hangul and its alphabets yet, please do go over them and learn how to pronounce each letters before you learn these.


    1. Vocabularies & Words (Ones with * (asterix) are the core vocabulaties. Ones without are supplementary)

    *Hello: 안녕하세요

    *Hi: 안녕

    *Name: 이름

    *My: 제 (formal and respecful) / 내 (informal and friendly)

    *You: 당신

    Student: 학생

    Teacher: 선생 / 선생님(님 after a noun makes it more respectful in some cases)

    school: 학교

    This: 이

    *yes: 예

    *no: 아니요

    *Nice to meet you: 만나서 반갑습니다

    2. Conversation

    지훈: 안녕하세요!

    JH: Hello!


    소정: 안녕하세요, 이름이 뭐에요?

    SJ: Hello, what is your name?


    지훈: 제 이름은 지훈이에요. 당신은요?

    JH: My name is Ji Hoon. What is yours?


    소정: 제 이름은 소정이에요.

    SJ: My name is So Jung.


    지훈: 이 학교 학생이세요?

    JH: Are you a student in this school?


    소정: 예. 당신은요?

    SJ: Yes. What about you?


    지훈: 저는 이 학교 선생이에요. 만나서 반갑습니다.

    JH: I am a teacher here. Nice to meet you!




    Practice these in all four language learning skills. Listening are available if you search up these things on youtube. Try writing all the vocabulaties several times after knowing how to read all of them, and speaking it fluently after you listen so you know how it sounds.


    Keep writing notebook entries with words you get to learn everyday. You'll improve very fast.



    Introduce your self

    hello, i wanna ask how to introduce your self in Korean?

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