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Success!!! Would you like to be successful? Who not?

I think lots of people already asked about itself: "How can I be successful? What I should do? What is the first step?" I tried to write something like essay, I hope you will understand.

Firstly I think ambition is very important if you want to be successful and if you want to have a good career. As Salvador Dali said: "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings" Before you go to university you have to meet yourself for example: "What do you like to do?", "What would you like to do in future?","What kind of ability do you have?", "Are you able to improve your ability?", "Are you enough determined and persistent to finish university?" If you know answers for these question then you can say I know what I want, I have goals.Secondly before you go to university you should ask about yourself why would you like to go to university, because of you want to bulid a good career or because of it is just a fashion in your country. You need to obtaining informations from students at university or somebody who is working in this profession, waht you want to do later. You should meet advendages and disadventages. Nowadays universities and degrees are very important for example if you go to job interview then the first question is : "Have you got university degree? " etc...After these the most important questions, employer look at your appereance so you should wear elegant clothes because you want to convince employer. It is very important, but lots of people say: "Not the clothes makes a man" Employers do not want to apply people if they are not inteligent, elegant and if they do not have experience. We should not forget acquaintances, because very often they help us to find job. I think knowladge and people skills are the most important, employers want to apply just the best people for work.
You need to have complete plan about your future if you want to be successful and if you want to reach your goals, as Will Roger said: "If you want to be successful, it is just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And belive in what you are doing"

Please fix it my mistakes if you can, and write down what do you think about success, what does "success" means for you?, how can be success somebody?
Are you agree with me? Why yes or why not? Thank you!!! :) :*



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