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English slang

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    Top 20 U.S. slang words/expressions with American teens

    1) all-nighter: intense time or bout of study or work; Thanks to the all-nighter, I passed the exam. (cartoon) 2) beemer: BMW; How much did that beemer cost you? 3) blow someone away: overwhelm or excite someone; She didn’t expect to get into MIT. Getting accepted blew her away. 4) bombed: intoxicated by alcohol or drugs; That guy gets bombed almost every evening. 5) cram: study hastily for an impending exam; I had to stay up all night and cram for that exam. Luckily, I passed and even got an “A.”. 6) dork: stupid, inept, or foolish person; That guy is such a dork! He wears a plaid jacket, striped pants, and one black shoe and one brown one. 7) hoodie: a hooded sweatshirt; That hoodie is fine to wear to school, but you shouldn’t wear a sweatshirt to your job interview. 8) hook up: meet or associate; can also refer to a sexual encounter; That young guy and young woman met in biology class. After chatting awhile, they decided to hook up after class and see a movie. 9) jock: one who’s concerned with being macho or very masculine in appearance or manner; He lifts weights every day and often doesn’t wear a shirt. That way, the girls stand around him, admiring his chest muscles. He’s the most popular jock on campus. 10) mickey mouse: unimportant, trivial, or irritatingly petty; That English course is really mickey mouse. The teacher has class members stand up and tell jokes. I’m so bored that I just sit there and doze. 11) nerd: an intelligent person who’s accomplished in technical pursuits but socially inept; Elmer really knows computers. But, if he has to speak with a colleague, he becomes extremely nervous. Too bad he’s such a nerd. 12) party animal: someone who loves parties; That guy is a real party animal. He loves to drink and hang out with his friends. 13) puke: vomit; You shouldn’t have eaten that spicy food. You’re not used to such cuisine. That’s why you puked. 14) smashed: drunk; Let’s toast to our business’ success. Here, have a glass of champagne. But, don’t get smashed. 15) space cadet: someone who appears to be out of touch with reality; Instead of paying attention, that teen is just staring out the window. Perhaps something is bothering him. Or maybe he’s just a space cadet. 16) veg out: stop working and take it easy; He’d been working hard. So today, he decided to veg out at home. 17) weed: tobacco, a cigarette; often marijuana; I’ve been smoking three packs a day. If I don’t quit soon, this weed is going to kill me. 18) whiz: talented or skilled person; John is a whiz at math. That’s why the investment bank hired him. 19) wired: very stimulated or excited, as from a stimulant; I drank too many cups of coffee this morning. As a result, I’m really wired. 20) zit: pimple or skin blemish; If you eat too much chocolate, you’ll get zits.

    English slang

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