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whether or not should university accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject.

There is a popular belief that male is distinct from female psychologically and physiologically,which means that they should be treated differently such as having different chances to study the same subject at college. However, this sparks bitter controversy. In my view,university should offer the same opportunities to every student in every subject.

One main reason is that education fairness is a fundamental human right for individuals. In other words, sexism in education is a conduct to deprive us of the basic human right. Therefore,teaching institutions like universities should respect this right by accepting an equal number of male and female students in each subject.

What’s more, there is the fact that men and women have different but complementary roles in learning environment. Researches have shown that women have a gift for languages while men relatively have higher IQ . But when male and female students are studying in harness with each other they will be mutually motivated,causing a synergy effect which will lead to better results. Thus giving them equal opportunities to study the same subject is reasonable.

Nevertheless, some people claim that men may be better problem-solvers due to the fact that they focus on the key of problem unlike women who highlight the processes and relations. But I do think that it is these different mindsets that push forward in-depth multi-angle analysis in the subjects which yield rich harvests in the subjects.

In sum, it’s crucial that universities provide equal opportunities for every student in every subject for the sake of the establishment of an equal society and the development of human knowledge.




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