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Attitudes to Electronic Amusement

Accompanied by the progress of finance and technology, electronic products become more and more developed. It causes the enhancement of electronic amusement, which leads to excessive gaming.
It is certain that quite some think amusement is devil. It occupy valuable time children study school lessons. Despite, it will drive children away from good study habits and even cause irregular life.
However, every coin has two sides. Why couldn't you think about benefits from gaming? On the one hand, game can relax your spirit after work and your life could be colourful due to the games. On the other hand, you could be taught different kind of knowlege in another way , and go a step further, you may find a lifestyle indicated from a game or video.
My view is obvious. Electronic amusement is a significant part of our modern life. I agree that it will cause some troubles because not everyone could find something useful from amusement. on the countrary, too many guys just treat electronic amusement as a road to just playing. I wonder why you cannot think twice. Otherwise, you may realize more from it. How is your spirit strenthing? Not just through books or experience, but also an indispensable part --- amusement. If a person couldn't learn something from the nearest electronic amusement? How could he be looked forward to learning more from other away from him?

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