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이게 제 발음이에요.

"ㅃㅉㄸㄲㅆ"을 잘 못해서 제발 실수를 고치주세요.
1) 진짜
2) 아빠
3) 가끕
4) 가까워요
5) 쓰다
6) 따뜻해요
감사합니다 :)




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    이게 제 발음이에요.

    "ㅃㅉㄸㄲㅆ"을 잘 못하니해서 제발 실수를 고주세요.


    그걸 잘 모세소 지발 실수를 고치 주세요. (very good! but you pronounce ㄲ to ㅋ)

    you can say this 그걸 잘 모태서어 제에발 실수를 고쳐 주세요.

    1) 진짜 (you pronounce 진자) 지인짜
    2) 아빠 (아파) 아 아빠
    3) 가 (가큼) 가 아끔
    4) 가까워요 (가카워요,) 가까 워요
    5) 쓰다 O
    6) 따뜻해요 O
    감사합니다 :)


    짜다. 짜장면 (묵)찌빠

    빨래 빵가게, 빨리

    꿈꾸다. 까까머리. 문에 끼였어요.

    Hi. I hope it's okay to comment in English.


    I heard your pronunciation. I think you understood wrong about the pronunciation technique for the double consonants and the stronger consonant.

    From your recording what I heard was:
    진차, 아파, 가큼, ...

    The reason of that is you put extra "air" with your pronunciation when actually you're supposed to hold it in or blow less air.


    I remember an exercise in class when our teacher used to ask us to put our hand really close to our mouth and make sure that for the double consonant, we were not supposed to feel any air on our hand (probably a little air is allowed for 짜 because it's almost impossible to do it without).


    What I found helpful was holding my breath when pronouncing the double consonants just to get use to the feeling.


    I hope it helps. We cannot record our voice for correction so I can't give you example. :(


    Nice work anyway!

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