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1rst note : Romeo and Juliet (balcony scene)

The balcony scene is one of the most famous moments of Romeo and Juliet and have inspired many scenes of declaration of love. It is also a turning point in the play.
I enjoy this scene because we understand that these two young lovers are ready to live on love alone whatever it may cost. They think that this pure love between them is worth fighting against all the obstacles in their way. It is the height of romanticism and even if it's a little bit sentimental it represents the perfect love we all are dreaming of.
Yet there is another prevailing idea when we read this text. The feeling that this so perfect love is already doomed. We already know that they will not have time to live their union as they would have liked, they are bound to die .This creates a sort of tension and it wastes a little the feeling of hapiness of this declaration. Of course, the author needs this to write a good tragedy but it seems to me that he gives us the perfect love story and takes it back before we have time to appreciate it.

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