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Is the greatest happiness of the side of the treasure!

Some people say that the edge there is a day for you since you were a born born; However, the vast sea of ​​the World Daqian, Life is short, how to find a fixed share your day margin? Find the perfect partner?

Modern people can not stick to this day margin not wait to hold your breath to Perishable youth and anxious mood; he (she) is often reluctant to accept the wind to her (him), but over and over again, she (he) and the minds of perfect vision, once again disappointed times. They do not know, know how to cherish side and already have, in fact, is the greatest happiness, the most true love.

If there is a persistent and long-lasting feelings and a fair without but fleeting feelings that you would rather choose?

There are many excellent men and beautiful woman in the world, however, really belongs to only one copy of your feelings. Do not change because of someone else's vision and their own loved ones. Do not live in someone else's vision and lose yourself. Never be too greedy. Feelings is not a dream, as if it was a joke, said: If anyone think that the perfect love, then this person is not a poet is an idiot. Therefore, we carefully waiting for the love of their own is not earth-shattering.

The philosopher said: Love is when you know he is not your worship of the people, and understand that there are still shortcomings, but still chose him, did not abandon all his because of his shortcomings and weaknesses.

Yes, not a lover is perfect, nor a feeling is flawless; This is so true lover and love. When we can calm down and think about these words, think about what we had hard in pursuit of the perfect ridiculous and naive? If there is such a person, he is absolutely perfect in your mind, did not have a trace of the shortcomings, and you fear but eager to get close to him. This feeling is not called "love", but called "worship".

Worship need to create an idol, something like a totem like no blood no meat. Do not need love, love is so true hand to touch the heart to understand. Love is knowing that he is dressed like the old soil cap, also willing to go out with him in public; is you despise businessman and he happens to be a cute little merchants; known as over the top but willing to wash his greasy lunch boxes, dirty Xi Xi shoes.

"You're not the best, but I love you!" Read this sentence from feeling like a pair of the vicissitudes of life had to do for the elderly, holding hands stroll Xu warm sun, his face happy memories of the past.




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