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example sentences for movement


I have a problem that I need to fix immediately. I find it very hard to describe movement to somebody else, e.g.
"I stretch my arm out to grab my cup of coffee that is standing on the table"
"I raise my hand up to ask a wuestion to the teacher"
"In martial artd you have a technique wher you need to raise your knee first, before you can kick the opponent"

Can somebody give me some example sentences?



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    Well, I try to explain your questions by myself.
    You descibed 3 movemonts<stretch grab raise kick>

    1.<Stretch>means you wanna do somethig by your hands but the direction of your hand is horizontal。when the hand is becoming 90°,like a RT, you can say<Raise>,remember the direction of your hand is vertical.In your sentences,we can translate<Stretch=伸><Raise举>。

    Now, I can give you some examples.

       The child <stretched> her hands to need candy.=那个小女孩子伸手要糖果

       He raised a solgan which said cut off Tax=他举着写有削减税收的标语

       when you ask question, you should raise your hand and stand up.=当你问问题前,你应该举手并战起来

    2.<grab>means you wanna catch something.In your sentences,we can translate<grab=拿>

       I grabed something=我抓住了某些东西

    3.<kick>means beat somethingIn your sentences,we can translate〈kick=踢,攻击〉

       You'd better kick his knee before he kick your face.=在他攻击你脸前,你最好踢他的膝盖


    NOW, I try to tanslate your sentences





    PS:Give some little advices,you had some wrong <wuestion   artd   wher>

    If you can notice them,I think most of people can help you easily^^

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