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A General Introduction of Anhui province

Match fatty city,which has a long history in China, thou calls Lu state, again Lu sun, Be located on province department in Anhui, ground river Huai's, shore in nest Hubei, govern east prosperous west prosperous suburban area 4 areas with grow plentiful and fatty east, fatty west 3 counties.The total area is 7266 square kilometers(downtown 458), population 425.9(downtown 127.94) ten thousand.Road inside the city is spacious, green tree become Yin, landscape beautiful, since have another modern building, and then have famous spots and historical remains, is a thou old but again the young city remain Be province provincial capital in Anhui, match fatty is politics, economy, section in the whole province to teach, Mao heart and transportation vital point of the culture, information, finance, company be also a national first grade to open the city prosperous important research education base in the whole country and own country science and technology to learn to wait 30 remainings Gao Deng3's college.The high-tech and industrial park, section synchronously radiates laboratory etc. the outside of the Fei voice. The cause of "match fatty" name, the parlance is different.The Li way in North Wei dollar is the Zhao 《water through note 》carry:"Summer water is sudden rise, matches at the Fei, and the past Yue matches Fei."Usually call the south Fei river to Shi Shui3, fatty water call east Fei river, this be a kind of parlance.Tang Dynasty someone puts forward another parlance, Fei water chicken Ming mountain, the north flows 20 cent of insides but is two, it a southeast flow(south Fei river), pass by here into the nest lake;It a northwest pay(east Fei river), 200 inside life spring go into Huaihe.《Er friendship 》up point out "return a different together Yue is fatty".Erh-shui all Yue Fei, match at one source, cent but is two, past the Yue match fatty.




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