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Be There for the People You Love (Part One)

As time goes by, people we love are moving away and dying. We should be there for the people we really love and care for. Never do what you would regret. Yesterday I walked past a pancake shop which reminded me of that special time I shared with my aunt (my dad’s elder sister). I suddenly missed her very much. She died last year. She was good at cooking when she was alive, especially the pancake which was my favourite food when the time I went to a school in a town where was far from my village, but it was near my aunt’s house. I was new there and was not familiar with that school. So I became her regular visitors. I remember she always baked the pancakes for me. They were delicious. My aunt liked my visit and also needed me there. She was not a happy woman. She lost her husband for years and didn’t marry again. She lived with her son and daughter-in-law. But she couldn’t get well along with them, especially her daughter-in-law. I became the very important one to her to talk with, even though I was too young at that time to understand her. One day I saw her crying. She was baking the pancakes while telling me what had happened. Actually she quarreled with her daughter-in-law that day. I saw her red eyes and felt sympathy for her. But I couldn’t do anything.




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