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What is it that you expect from your partner?

What do you expect when you first meet somebody and during language exchange? What is it you expect from them? What are they supposed to do for you? What do you want them to do? Who do you want them to be? Are you looking for some ideal: some special person that you think will be compatible with your needs? Are they supposed to be prepared to meet you in a language exchange? What is a language exchange? Are our language exchange partners welcome to become your friend? Are you open to something more than friendship? how much time; how much planning; how much thinking; have you put into what a language exchange should be?is there a special etiquette we should observe in a language exchange? We're all from different countries, now than you think it's necessary to have some basic understanding of the language exchangers culture? What is a successful language exchange?

It's been my experience that there are two kinds of interactions and becoming acquainted with the potential language exchange partner.on the one hand you have people want to socialize and not necessarily contribute to the development of the host speaker. On the other hand you have those rare few who are willing to donate their time and effort to help you learn to maximize your understanding and ability. I've had problems with both the former and the latter. I find that a mixture of the two is the best possible potential partner. We seldom have things perfect, nothing is ever ideal. All we can do is encourage each other motivate each other and perhaps even coax each other guide each other to help suit our needs. I welcome both types of language exchanges other you can hardly call the former a true language exchanger. But the goal has always been to communicate so sometimes when you meet a language exchanger who has superior ability in your native tongue and he all you can really do to be equitable is either let them pass by or entertain them and talk. Sometimes I meet these people and their own ability to speak my language far surpasses my ability to understand there's. Well anyways it's been an interesting journey and I hope...




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