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Please speak French

I am living in Gatineau, people speak mostly french here. At first it was very difficult for me, because I didn't speak the language.I felt seperated from the normal social life here, considering that I may live here for a long time with my husband, I decided to learn French.

Now I am in a Frech course for about 3 months, I could make simple conversations like" Bonjour, comment allez vous? combien ca coute?" , I wish people would practise French with me,but soon after they found I only speak a little French, they mostly speank English with me. I don't want it this way because I am not learning French then.

What should I do?




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    Keep speaking french with them! Talk about the situation and ask them to speak a little slower and easier. Even if you have a hard time expressing yourself find the other ways to explain what you want to say. At first it might seem to be very frustrating and embrassing; however, you will get used to it and find yourself speaking french as good as these people. At this point, it is very important to figure out what type of language they are using and you should memorize the expressions. Lastly, a quick tip, almost 30% of english vocabulary consists of french words.


    Bonne chance!

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