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青鳥Blue bird

青鳥僕に僕と歌う来て(blue bird come sing with me)
青鳥ちゃん、私の痛い(いたい)見て事ができますか?(Blue bird can you see my pain?)
来てください(Please come)
僕に僕と歌う来てください(Please come sing with me)
あなたの音楽は美しいのでよ(Your song is so beautiful




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    鳥Blue bird

    鳥(よ)、僕と一緒に来て、歌って/歌いなさい(blue bird, come, sing with me)
    鳥ちゃん(よ)、私の痛みが見れますか/感じられますか(Blue bird, can you see my pain?)
    来てください(Please come)
    僕と一緒に来て、歌って(Please come sing with me)
    あなたの音楽は美しいですよ(Your song is so beautiful


    You need to learn how to use the commas more :). When there is a vocative a comma must be used, and this applies to all languages on Earth.  The よ in the parenthesis is optional, but it adds a sense of more caring or importance to the bird, like 息子よ! My son!, it's kinda poetic.

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