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volleyball team

Today,I went to the volleyball team of my school after class.WhenI got there,it is 4:30pm.The team leader corrected our mistake.We played very happy though we are very tired.When we finished our today's goal,it's 7:00pm.I'm a little step is very heavy,because I'm very tired.My feet as others,not me.But it's very fun.I think it's right to join in the volleyball team.I gained a lot.




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    Volleyball Team

    Today,_I went to_volleyball practice in my school after class._When_I got there,_it was 4:30pm._The team leader corrected our mistakes._In spite of being very tired, we played very happily. When we finished training,_it was 7:00pm._was a little hungry._My steps were very heavy_because I was very tired._My feet felt as if they were somebody else's, not mine._But it was a lot of fun._I think it was a good idea to join_the volleyball team._I gained a lot.

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