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(This passage is translated from a Japanese book. Corrections welcomed!)


This summer, especially hot.
Why so hot?
TVs and newspapers talk about 'global warming.'
The the cause of it is
each one of us all, isn't it?

Nara Juvenile Prison is a brick building completed in 1908.
It is one of the 'Five Largest Prisons of Meiji Era', which is a magnificent building under the control and authority of the government.
Out of the Five Largest Prisons, it is the only one on active services, which is very valuable.
All the bricks are handmade by prisoners at the time.
Although those bricks are unique, elegant and really beautiful,
in summer, they are heated and emit infrared light even at night, like an oven.
And in winter, they make us chilled to the bone.
There is no air-conditioner in the dormitory. Living in the prison is not easy.
In such environment, the boy J's imagination extended so far as global warming.
Even though separated from the world, J is interested in world affairs
and perceives them as his own affairs.




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