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British national morale part 1

The sense of national morale
Some people believe that immigrants is a threat to British values and foundations, that they change everything around then they appear. However, it should be noted that, historically, the British Isles have always been inhabited by different cultures. Even cultures of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are markedly different from each other. Therefore, the notion of "typically British" is not so easy to define unambiguously.

"Typically British" behavior is attributed to the entire population of Britain since its founding in 1070. But the history of the British Isles - is the story of four different countries and peoples.

The people of the United Kingdom retained the current cultural differences. Foreigners often confuse the terms "British" and "Englishman", identifying them. This is due to three main reasons. First, the British - the most numerous of the people in the UK, and secondly, the association of smaller Scots, Irish and Welsh was just under the British crown, and third, because the whole state power is concentrated in England.

In Britain dominated the English nationalism, and they do not see much of a difference in the definition themselves British or English. This displeases the Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish, who are descendants of the Celts, unlike the British, whose ancestors were the Anglo-Saxons. Representatives of non-English Britain like to recognize themselves as representatives of their nation, not the British.

Until recently, the British government has been recognized by all four nations, but a small part of the North Irish. However, in the 60s and 70s nationalism moved into politics in Scotland and Wales - in Wales was even created its own parliament, endowed with broad powers

The British themselves as a nation, are quite heterogeneous, their customs, accents and behavior vary significantly. Residents of various counties and districts are loyal to their environment, which is often expressed in sport, politics, events, cultural activities and lifestyle.

The Welsh, although there also exist some differences of this kind, clearly distinguish themselves as separate nation. They have their own unique history, literature, language spoken by the quarter of the population. They contrast these uniqueness authorities in London and so are fighting against the repression of their culture and language by English equivalents.




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