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Chilli Clones himself

Chilli had his laboratory built inside of a cave near his home.

Chilli was gripped with a brilliant idea. He had been working nonstop for years; so that, he could bring his idea into the world. Today, Chilli had discovered the secret of cloning.

Chilli injected himself with the cloning serum. Suddenly, another cat appeared.

अपने घर के पास चिल्ली ने अपने laboratory को एक गूफ़ा के अन्दर बनवाया। चिल्ली के मन में एक शानदर राय थी। वह लगातर काम किया करता था; ताकि, वह अपनी राय दुनिया में ला सकेगी। आज, चिल्ली cloning का रहस्य समझा। चिल्ली ने अपने आप को अपने serum से injected दिया। तभी एक दुसरी बिल्ली चिल्ली के पास प्रकट हुई।




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