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Grandma´s Fairy-Tale

The German fairy tale that a relative majority of the Germans can retell relatively correct and you probably don't know is grandma´s fairy-tale from Woyzeck.

Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella are known much better, nominally . But the content can be retold only in very general terms: Little Red Riding Hood brings her grandmother something to eat. She is taken away from the right path by the wolf, then the wolf eats the grandmother, and afterwards the Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood survive somehow .
But should be a fairy tale retold, complete and correct, other fairy-tales will be chosen:
Three Nuts for Cinderella or Harry Potter. You have to count this out by the condition: fairy-tales without copyright.
Thus, this fairy tale from Georg Büchner will be told:

There was once a poor child it had no father and no mother, everything was dead, and no one was in the world anymore. Everything was dead, and it went and searched day and night, and since nobody was on the earth anymore, it wanted to go up to heaven, and the moon was looking at it so friendly, and when it at last got to the moon, the moon was a piece of foul wood and then it went to the sun and when it got to the sun, it was a wilted sunflower and when it got to the stars, they were little golden gnats. They were stuck up there as if the butcher bird sticks them on the blackthorn and as it would go back to the earth, the earth was a turned pot and it was all alone and it sat down and wept and there it still sits and is all alone.




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