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What are your goals?(Please help! It is important!)

I have to fill out an application form in english. I really need your help! Thank you!

I want to learn psychology at the university. I want to know more about the human psyche, and I want to help with my knowledge to suffering people.
Otherwise, I would like to learn sociology. I want to help and give advice to people.
The third choice is economics. I would like to work in a company one day, where I can contact with many people.

I would like also study about Japanese and other cultures. Japanese society is very interesting for me, for example nihonjinron. I want to know almost all about human nature.

There are many interesting things about Japan. When I heard japanese speech for the first time, I have fallen love with this language. Then I wanted to know all about this fascinating country.

I would like to be a psychoterapist, a psyschiatrist, a sociologist, or even an economist in a Japanese company in my country.




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