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Is grammar necessary to study?

The education system in English here in my place is practically teaching students how not to make mistakes in grammar.
Seems like it's what all about while studying at junior or senior high.
I can see that's obvious that grammar plays a big role and is basically everywhere no matter in our daily conversation or news article we read.
Teachers evaluate and measure students by score. And I think the reason why they do so is because this is the most easy way to know how our level's at - by putting us into figures.
And so we are good at exams when it comes to English....
But I have to say it truly is a boring subject that students usually dozed off in these classes.

I'm curious that am I going to speak English fluently if I mastered in grammar?
I'm also wondering is there another method besides studying grammar which can also helps us to master this language?
I want to know how other English native speakers learn their English while as a kid.




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