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“But I must see my doctor now!”

Time: 10am
Characters: You and the doctor’s receptionist
Situation: You need to make an appointment for today to see your doctor because
you’ve got a very bad cold. You want to see the doctor now because at
10.30am you are going bowling, then having a haircut, then having a sauna,
and then having a romantic meal – all with different people

A: "Excuse me. I know it is a bit short notice, but I have an extremely bad cold and I need to see the doctor immediately."
B: "I am sorry, sir, but that will not be possible because all appointments are taken this morning. However, I could fit you in this afternoon at 2.30."
A: "I'm sure the doctor won't take more than a couple of minutes to examine and give me a prescription for my cold. Isn't there anything that you can do to help me because I have a lot of appointments this after noon."
B: "As I have explained, sir, it will not be possible to fit you in before 2.30, unless there has been a cancellation."
A: "Has there been any cancellation?"
B: "Unfortunately, no, sir. I would suggest that you tried to re-schedule your other appointments and that I fit you in at 2.30."

I'm trying to re-schedule my other appointments

A: "Hello, Lee, it's me Howell. How are you doing?"
B: "Hello, Howell. You don't sound too good! What's up?"
A: "Well, I've got a really bad cold and I'm at the doctor's surgery now and I'm hoping to get in to see the doctor in a few minutes."
B: "Well, are you going to be able to make it to the bowling centre?"
A: "Well, that is the reason why I'm phoning. I think I might have to take a raincheck. How about tomorrow?"
B: "No, tomorrow's no good for me. I've got too much on at work tomorrow."
A: "What about making another appointment when I get better?"
B: "Ok, perhaps that will be best."

A: "Excuse me. I've tried phoning all my friends to reschedule the appointment I have for today, but they are unable to reschedule. Could you possibly squeeze me in somewhere before 10.30? It really is urgent and I do have a bad cough."
B: "Well, it does sound as if you have a bad cough, sir. Let me see if it would be possible for the doctor to see you as an emergency case."
A: "Well, that would be great. I would be very grateful to you for anything you can do to help me."
B: "Ok. Just a minute, sir while I check with one of the doctors. If you would just care to take a seat and I will get back to you in a minute."
A: "Thank you very much, I really do appreciate your help."
B: "I tell you what I will do."




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