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Is it necessary to limit students'using the Internet on campus?

The Internet has become an indispensable part in our daily life. People can find whatever they want on the Internet, there is no doubt that Internet can bring many profits to people. However, many students are addicted to the Internet because of lacking of the ability of self-discipline. So it is very necessary to limit their using Internet to help to control themselves.
As we all know, Internet can provide all kinds of information, including much unhealthy information. Too much unhealthy information will make students’ mind more and more unhealthy .
Second, more time spent on the Internet means less time on other things, such as homework and exercise. Though students in college have less homework compared to the high school students, they need time to go through the textbooks or extra books to ensure that they have mastered the knowledge well. Besides, if they spent much time on the Internet, they will have less time to go out to take part in the outdoor activities, which may make their body become weaker and weaker at last.
The most serious problem is students are easily addicted to computer games. They even can get crazy because of the computer games. There are a lot of reports saying that students break the laws because of their addicting to computers.
Every coin has two sides, Internet has both advantages and disadvantages. But if we use it without limit, it will become a thing only with disadvantages, especially for those students who are in school. So it’s very important to limit students’ using Internet on campus.



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