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I am into camping . Although I don’t know it well , I am enthusiastic about this activity . I took my first try of camping at the age of ten with my elder brother . And he taught me how to prepare for camping and gave me some tips to cope with underlying problems outdoors .

We went to the mountains on a cloudless Saturday . It was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever gone through . My elder brother told me that camping was a complex thing , which needed sorts of preparation . He asked me to bring my backpack , tent , sleeping bag ,hiking shoes and things like that before our departure . When we reached the destination , he showed me how to put up a tent . He asked me to clear up all sharp objects and separate tent from tent poles and stakes. Then then I needed to tent poles from sleeve to assemble them and insert the tent poles into the sleeves . After that , inserted the end of the pole into the piece on the tent’s corner. At last , straightened the tent and place stakes in the corners and any guylines at the appropriate places. Being a rookie , I made it after several attempts .Oh , we also went fishing , climbing , playing in the water , took a meal and spent a wonderful night there .

To my standpoint , I think it’s absolutely a good way to stay healthy and relax . You know , the majority of people have a preference for being indoors in this fast-paced society . We need something to let our hair down , and camping really works . Not only does it release our tension but help us to work out .

Generally speaking , I’ll pick a fascinating place near waters for this activity , like the grass located between the lake and the woods . Getting closer to nature sceneries is able to cultivate temperament and improve our eye-sight . And I love the feeling when I am surrounded by the nature .

Most importantly , camping provides an occasion to enhance the feelings between friends and us . Cos we’ll need some people to cooperate with us so that it can be more fun and safer .So , it’s a great chance to bring me and my friends closer and make me be aware of the importance of teamwork .




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