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Victory day.

Hello friends!!!
Today is fantastic day!!! Today is the day of Great Victory!!!
Today fireworks will be all over Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.
You know, that this day is important for every Russian, but for Volgograd people it has a special color.
May be you know that Volgograd used to be named Stalingrad. So if you know this, you know the history of this epic city!!!
Stalingrad fought 200 day and nights. Our soldiers fought for every inch of earth. Citizens were not evacuated from the city. We had an order: "No one step back!!!"
Many heroes were born in this battle: Michail Panikaha, Matvei Putilov, Vasilii Zaytsev, and many, many other unnamed heroes!!! Every inch of Stalingrad earth was filled with blood.
I just want to say them great "Thank you!" Thank you for the peace!
Stalingrad battle became a critical point in whole Second World War. My grandparents fought for Stalingrad. Then they came to Berlin. And in May, 9th Red USSR flag flew over the Reichstag.
I think that contribution of Russian people was great ( It need to say that by "Russians" I mean all nationalities of USSR, sorry for it...). And when I'm asked about lack of economic development in Russia, I resent! How could we develop when we saved Europe? We took a hit of two great wars!!!
But I'm a little distracted...
Today is the holiday!!! =) Happy Victory day!!! I wish you peacefully heaven!!! =)




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