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Farsi is not that hard after all !!

I'm taking this opportunity to thank my friend Ahmad Saba from Qazvin, Iran, for making Farsi verbs easy for me.. Its so simple, that I made translations very fast! Let me share with you a few things i have learnt about conjugating farsi verbs in the simple past tense :

I cooked = Man ghaza pokhtam
you cooked = to ghaza pokhti
we cooked = ma ghaza pokhtim
he cooked = u ghaza pokht
they cooked = anha ghaza pokhtand
you all cooked = shoma ghaza pokhtid

The same can be done with Goft = to tell

Man goftam, to gofti, ma goftim, u goft, anha goftand, shoma goftid.

See, not so hard after all !!

Reem ;)



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