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Hukou policy in China


Hukou is considered to be the most important document in China, whether you to go to school, get married, buy a house, buy a car or go abroad, almost everything need Hukou as a proof. The Hukou is divided into urban Hukou and rural Hukou. But nether of them is innate, it is conditional.

Before you get a Hukou, you must obey the One Child Policy in China. Birth permit is the first step a Chinese pregnant mother needs to follow. I used to be the pity one.
(1) birth permits certificate. Maybe you could not imagine that a pregnant mother has no right to give birth in her own motherland, which seams like the little life without state permit is illegal. New life is only permitted by the state, could be delivered legally . If you do not have this birth permits, you have only three choices: 1) abortion; 2) the child does not has a Hukou (It will difficult for him/ her to go to school , to marry , or live a normal life in China); 3) pay huge social compensation fee;
We all clearly know that such policy is inhuman, also filled with the stink of money flavor, but we can not change, it is the fact.

(2) With birth permits which can be legally get a Hukou. But there are differences in Hukou policy. Hukou is divided into urban hukou and rural hukou, that is, if you have a city Hukou, you are citizen. people who holding rural Hukou are defined as farmers. We all know it is a discrimination policy, but we have no right to protest or change. Therefore, people who hold rural Hukou spent a lot of money to buy the city Hukou, so that their children could have equal right as city children to enjoy the city's education, health care and other resources. There are differences between cities, Hukou in some large cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, is very profitable. People have such Hukou could have more chance and profit in buying house, education and medical care. So, a lot of people are racking their brains trading Hukou, in order to make themselves more profitable. Kukou policy become a tool of meeting people's desires.

So, there are so many Chinese people are finding ways to emigrate, or changing their nationality. I think the main reason is because many Chinese feel insignificant because of the policies. People want to be respected in their own motherland.



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