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now,i'm stressful

i'm a sophomore at banking of university HCMC.Everyday,i must do a lots of exercises about economist,english,IT.
my teacher usually give me english document to study but i can't understand it clearly .For example: the basis of marketing ,i must learn principles of marketing(philip kotler), e-commerce :i learn e-commerce (kenneth laudon,carol guercio)...these subjects in my country don't have many documentary .in short,now i'm stressful because my english is not good.
what must i do?



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    nNow iI'm stressfuled

    iI'm a sophomore at banking of university (At the University of Banking?)HCMC. Everyday I must do a lots of exercises about on economistcs, eEnglish, IT.
    mMy teacher usually gives me eEnglish documents to study but iI can't understand it clearly. For example: the basis of marketing, i must learn principles of marketing (philip kotler), e-commerce: i learn e-commerce (kenneth laudon, carol guercio)... tThese subjects in my country don't have many documentary (There aren't many resources in my country on this subject/matter).in shortGenerally/Basically, now i'm stressfuled because my eEnglish is not good.
    wWhat must i do? What should I do?

    First thing - Please, when you start a sentence, use capital letters. The same when you speak about yourself - "I" is always in capitals. The same with names - capital letters.

    The ending -ful/-ing shows, that somethin else is stressing you. When an emotion/adjective concerns you, then it's ended -ed, i.e.

    That was a stressful day. I am stressed now.

    It was a tiring day. Now I'm really tired.

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