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One of My Bosses

This year I changed my job and now serve a new company. In this company I work as a translator, an interpretor and also a manager in charge of import and export issues.
For the first several months, I just felt nothing special and as common as all the samilar companies. It is just in the first several months that I knew much more about my boss and motivated greatly by him.
In the following I kindly share the legendary fare of my boss with you! Hope you will enjoy it.

From the remote mountain village, my boss is as plain and simple as his villagers.

when he was 16 he failed to pass the college entrance exam and in the same year he, with 40RMB, left his village for a city to make a life. He fought against all great odds and finally he selft taught the college courses and postgraduate courses. He also read all kinds of books such as on literature, psyclology and MBA etc. During the passed years, he worked as a packer, a worker in the production line and a miner. He finally serves the group compaines as Vice President and President due to his managment talent and loving kindness. Later he created his own company.

He often said that his father made a great impact on him. His father was fond of the parents, and has selflessly devoted to his neighbors and a lot dedicated to the public good since the old days that his father was very poor-all his father's Great love makes my boss worship his father so far and is his urging to the people around him. Indeed it is the truth that the laity leaves material heritages to their new generation while the wise man the spiritual heritages!

Now spreadingl loving kindness is the core culture of our company.
Do you think it is a legend ? A Flagship?




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