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Could you help me to correct my composition? Thanks !

The following appeared as part of an article in a weekly newsmagazine.[1]
“The country of Sacchar can best solve its current trade deficit problem by lowering the price of sugar, its primary export. Such an action would make Sacchar better able to compete for markets with other sugar-exporting countries. The sale of Sacchar’s sugar abroad would increase, and this increase would substantially reduce Sacchar’s trade deficit.”

My answer:
In the given argument, the arguer concludes that the country of Sacchar can best solve its current trade deficit problem by lowering the price of sugar. To support this argument, the arguer claims that such an action would make Scacchar becomes more competitive in markets. In addition, the author points out that by lowering the price of sugar, the sale of Sacchar's sugar abroad would increase and then, consequently, the problem of trade deficit will be solved. Convincing as it appears to be at first glance, the line of reasoning of the arguer contains several critical logic flaws.
Firstly, the author's argument that current trade deficit problem can be solved by lowering the price of sugar relies on an unproven cause an effect relationship between cutting price and solving trade deficit problem. Nevertheless, there is no evidence given to substantiate the claim that lowing price necessarily contributes to settle such problem. It is entirely possible that the lower price of sugar, the fewer production of it. Since there is a limited profit in exporting sugar, merchants will reduce the export volume which may aggravate the trade deficit crisis. For this reason, it's not a good choice to cut the sugar's price.
Secondly, even if lowing price may make sense, we still do not know whether or not it is necessary for the country to reduce the price. If the country's sugar industry has already became the most competitive one in the international market and has occupied the most part of the market, reducing the price will not offer it a better improvement.
  Last but not the least, by concluding that cutting price is the best choice to solve its current trade deficit problem, the author assumes that it is the only solutions to the problem. However, it is possible that other factors such as restrict imports by introducing some relevant policy. If the author can not provide strong evidence to support that cutting price is the most economic and the most effective measure, I could not be persuaded that it is the best and only m




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