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For my one and only- One Direction (please no hate)

I can't thank God enough for July 23 2010, 8:22 pm.That day,that hour that minute changed my life.It changed your lives.That was the best day in my life even though I wasn't aware what will happen with that in the future,but now I know how grateful I am.It's crazy how one moment can change your life,isn't it?
Look at yourselves,look how far you got!It's so crazy.Being one of the popular guys girls chase,being able to sing like an angel,being able to look so good,being able to have unbiological brothers,being able to win awards and be #1 in many countries,being able to do charity work,being able to deal with hatred,being able to live the dream and dare to dream and much more.This is proof how far you got, this is the road you've driven,but the journey still isn't over- it has just started!Those aren't all of the things that I'm proud of.Just a few,'cause it would take a lifetime to tell all of it.
You see,you make me proud every day.The first thing I think about in the morning is you One Direction.The last thing I think about before I go to sleep is you again.You came into my life as a stranger and now you're a part of my everyday life.People say that I'm a crazy teenage girl,that you're just another boy band,that you will come out of my life soonly and that this love is the impossible kind of love.But I don't believe them.Because when you start loving someone for real,that love actually never ends,just the love showing gets more forgetful.I can't imagine my life without you.You taught me about life trough your songs,yt videos,quotes,messages..Each and every one of you are the reason why I am like this today,and I'm proud of it.Because when you cry,I cry.You smile,I smile.You act stupid,I act stupid.I can't be more grateful to God for giving me 5 older brothers (and sometimes lovers haha, but we won't tell them about that) that are here for me 24/7 even though you don't know about it. I don't know what to say because words can't describe how I feel.But the least I can say for the end is 'Thank you!'.
Thanks to my lovely boys,you are the best friends that I know I will ever have.You gave me everything,from tears,smiles,hopes,dreams,music to going in the direction I want to, to follow my dreams.I'd be nothing without you all.So I hope I've made you proud (even though you don't know me).You've given me an amazing life.I tell people with a smile that it's all about you.And all of these things I've said now remind me how lost I would be without you all.Thanks x




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