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It is getting hot

This week was another commonplace for me. It rained the whole time. Today the rain ceased, but it was so hot. The bus seats by the window were so hot that many people preferred to stand. I was late for today's class owning to my dragging coworkers, who insisting on take the bus with me. I have no intention of waiting for her again!
When I entered the classroom, I noticed each was in short-sleeve shirt or very light clothing. I was a little embarrassed for wearing a thin sweater and a short coat. The topic of our discussion was "My Achievements". A girl said she was a big eater, having nothing but two big watermelons for lunch. I don't think it's good for her health since watermelon is high in sugar. Another lady who was a teacher gave us a recital of her experience in Italy. She travelled by train alone and encountered robbery and trail. That to me was an adventure.
I couldn't remember a considerable achievement to tell. Having the guts to sing in the public was the only thing imaginable. I never had the courage when I was a student. It is another story now. A guy that struck me was he cycled to the Yellow Mountain from Kunshan in 3 days. What a crazy guy!
After supper I didn't go for a walk immediately till sunset. A mild air was stroking my face, vehicles zipping past. The street-lamps gave me a long shadow on the pavement. I like this feeling of being lazy!
After washing my hair, I sat at the computer, and finished reading a grammar book while listening to the music. I've had no reviews of it for ages. It reminded me of my high school life which happened 9 years ago. Time seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. A sense of panic stole over me. Always try to live each day to the fullest.




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