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Needs English Native's Opinion about a Sentence.


The following is a sentence quoted from a textbook of the Logics I have been reading.

The fact that I didn't mention that Mr. A has read Bloomfield's Language would have to be attributed to a different reason: while it is relevant to Mr. A's capacity to teach linguistics, there are suffciently many more important questions to answer about Mr. A that I could easily tell the reader more than he wants to know about Mr. A without mentioning whether Mr. A has read Bloomfield.
end quote:::

My question:
Whether is this style of writing as bad or not as for a textbook of the Logics?
(I know that this is not a plain English and is quite long, but that book is not a novel.)

Am I OK to pursue this book for my English learning, especially expressing complex thoughts?





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    The selected extract of the book contains well-formed sentences that are written in an academic style. As you mentioned, this style is necessarily more complex than a typical modern-day novel written in English. The underlying subject matter requires thought and precision, and does not lend itself to simplification in terms of writing style. For example, a text written in English to teach econometrics, statistics, or astrophysics may also be complex even if the author tries to simplify the language as much as possible.


    At the end of the day, there are certain subject matters that require such precision in the description that it is impossible to write simply, directly, and concisely the way a simpler subject matter could be. Nevertheless, it is my opinion that language should not be unnecessarily complex.


    A native speaker of English without much education may even find the text you quoted to be incomprehensible, not because of its language, but because of its subject matter.


    Whether you find this type of language appropriate for learning English depends on your ultimate goal for learning the language. If you are a logician, engineer, economist, or any other professional that requires a thorough understanding of this type of text, then this is an appropriate book for you to read. If, however, your ultimate goal is to read English literature, then reading the great classics such as Shakespeare, Wilde, Hawthorne, Thoreau, Melville, Thackeray and Dickens may be a better way to spend your time.


    I hope this was helpful.

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