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I want to go bungee jumping.

I learned about bungee jumping mostly is from Korean TV programs. Despite of the funny things, everyone who jumped from that high platform was so brave and so encouraging, even those people who stood at the edge of the platform and failed to jump were also so inspiring, at least they faced their fears, they just couldn’t win their bottom lines.

I really want to try. Sometimes I dreamt about standing at a high place, and afraid of looking down, I think I have fears of heights, but the feeling is not so strong. Even when I go to the bungee jump place, and fail to jump, at least I can feel the great fear of heights, and maybe I can be stronger after that, I think that can help me to grow up. It’s better if I cry, hehe… I think that can help me to release my fears in all aspects of my life.

I posted a post on my Qzone about bungee jumping. One of my High School classmates told me he used to be a very naughty boy when he was younger, and was afraid of nothing, but now he can’t even watch people jumping. He said he’s now too old to suffer the bungee jumping, he’s too afraid of hearing people crying while jumping down, and imagine he’s the one who’s jumping from that high platform, he will feel like that’s the final seconds for him to say goodbye to the world. I told him maybe after he experience the dying moments of life, he will be not afraid of it anymore. That’s the long-term peaceful life made him afraid. I think my point make sense. Lol…

Sometimes it’s kind of struggle to post my thought in public, because many people can see it, even those people who I am not familiar with. Once I posted the bungee jump topic on my Qzone, one of my Middle School classmates said he wants to go with me, sigh!! I only want to go with my best friends, and I don’t want to go out with any male friend at the moment. You can say I am a mean person, and I will not deny it, because I don’t know how to deal with someone who I am not familiar with, and I am kind of cool to the people if I think they are not interesting. In order not to hurt his feeling, I have to say no to him, sorry!

I need to do that before I am too old, sometimes your health is not as young as your mind, hehe, and your mind will be weaken as time goes by. I think I have to kidnap some friends to go with me before I shelve this feeling. :P

Have nice days everybody! :)




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