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A great movie i saw-- A dog's tale

Some time ago, I watched a movie about a dog’s tale, named “Hachi”. I consider this is one of the best movies I have even seen. I was deeply touched by its story: a strong bond between a man and his dog.

The film started at a local train station where Professor Parker Wilson (acted by Richard Geer) found a stray puppy. Assuming his owner would come back to look for him, professor temporarily kept the dog with him overnight. However no one claimed the dog back after a few days. Parker, a dog lover, decided to keep the dog as a member of the family. After consulting with his Japanese friend he realized that the dog was kind of good breed from Japan and he named it “Hachi” as the meaning of good fortune.

They soon became inseparable friend and shared wonderful time together, a very strong bond gradually built between the professor and his dog. Every morning, Hachi accompanied Professor to the train station and greeted him there after his turn trip every evening by waiting for him at the same time and same place right in front of the door of the train station.

Until one morning, Hachi acted very weird and tried all the way he could to stop professor from going to work, he even attracted Parker by playing the game of “a ball fetching” which he normally refused to do. Parker felt amazed and didn’t understand the reason why dog acted like that. Unfortunately he left by train to his work as usual without any hunch that a tragedy soon happened on him. When the professor was teaching in class, he suddenly fell on the ground by suffering a fatal heart attack and died on that day. Maybe the dog was able to sense the misfortune in advance and he knew that his master was in danger. But regardless of the fact, he persistently chose to wait Parker’s return by remaining at the same place for the rest of ten years until his death.

I am immensely moved to tears by this beautiful, heartbreaking ending. A royal, faithful dog returned to train station to meet his master even after he died. The story is profound with good education that all dogs have thinking and emotive mind. They are really the best friends to human.



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