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the languages I want to brush up on

English is definitely my priority. Although I got my IELTS result last week and my score was 7.5. Speaking and listening are 8 ,writing and reading are 7 , I still feel that I need to constantly study English . It will be an endless journey but I enjoyed it very much.I m reading the English version of The Social Contract again recently and I found that I know most of words in it now after my preparation for IELTS.
German and French. I m going to study in Germany this year and I definitely need to study it very hard in the impending 2 years. I learned a bit of German in university but these two years , I never used it and I totally forgot how to speak it. French is way too crucial for International Relations students. I m planing to live in France during summer holidays so I can practice it everyday and also I miss my French friends very much :-)
Swedish and Russian. oh, actually Swedish was the third language I started to learn but I didn't have a teacher and the pronunciation is a little bit confusing to me so I never officially started it. And why do I want to learn Swedish? read my family name? and do u know Ingemar Bergman ?
Russian. I have started learning Russian in Cairo and I have a beautiful Russian teacher. It is such an interesting country and their literature is the diamond on the crown of human civilization.
Arabic --- of course..two years in Cairo. Due to my job , I didnt have enough time to study Fus'Ha but Egyptian Arabic is the one I practiced a lot cos if I dont , I would be cheated by Taxi driver. lol...just kidding.. I hope that I can read Koran in Arabic someday. Oh ...I m not muslim and I won't be --- no offense, it is just I love alcohol and pork sausage too much.




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