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오늘은 날씨가 좋다.
나는 책을 읽어요.
우리 친구가 드라마는 보아요.
우리 조카가 기림은 하여요. 그가 아주 재닝 어요.
우리 동생은 보고싶어요.

Today, the weather is good. (as opposed to the other days of the week)
I read a book. My friend is watching a drama.
My nephew is drawing (I wanted to say coloring, but I don't know how:(
He is very talented. (I might have messed up this phrase.)
I miss my younger brother.

Other comments: I have used 우리 instead of 저 since I thought this is the more polite way to say it (or so the Korean book said).

Thank you for thanking your time to correct this! :)



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