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There are a lot of problems over the world. People don't care just because they think someone will do that so they don't have to worry about it. Just because everyone has same thought, that's why our world can't develop to better and better. It just tells everything, people don't care.

I'm not willing to be that kind of person, that's why I started joining some activities. Getting to know more thing, more about our country, more about what is happening in the world. If you want to make your children live in a better world, you better change from now. If you ignore it as everybody, you know that are going to stand the same pain in the future.

It's not an interesting thing, because a lot of people will attack you by talking. But you know, when you are doing right thing. You are going to face a lot of enemies. When you give up, you lose. If you are still living a utopia that you made by yourself but you don't see other people who is living in hell, that's called selfish. It's all your choice, I can say nothing.




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