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Are you the one

Are you the one?你是他吗
The traveller in time who has come进入我生命的陌生人
To heal my wounds to lead me to the sun治愈心伤,播撒阳光
To walk this path with me until the end of time结伴走在生命的小路上
Are you the one?你是他吗
Who sparkles in the night like fireflies萤火虫般流彩的目光
Eternity of evening sky对视,在永恒的夜空
Facing the morning eye to eye直至晨曦来将
Are you the one?你是他吗
Who"d share this life with me与我共度此生
Who"d dive into the sea with me与我在深海偎依
Are you the one?你是他吗
Who"s had enough of pain受尽创伤
And doesn"t wish to feel the shame, anymore不愿再心伤
Are you the one?你会是他吗
Are you the one?你是他吗
Who\\'s love is like a flower that needs rain他的爱是雨中的花朵
To wash away the feeling of pain冲去了忧伤
Which sometimes can lead to the chain of fear不再迷茫彷徨
Are you the one?你是他吗
To walk with me in garden of stars一起走在群星之下
The universe, the galaxies and Mars火星,银河,宇宙
The supernova of our love is true见证我们爱的迸发




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