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Buona notte dal Galles.

Dovrei studiare ma io sono stanco. (mi dispiace per elementare l'italiano)

Buona notte




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    Buona notte dal Galles.

    Dovrei studiare ma io sono stanca. (Mi dispiace per elementare l'italiano elementare

    Buona notte


    Hi, Adrienne,
    In Italian you don't need to use personal pronoun all the time as in English. In general you use it when you want to make your point stronger or affirm it against something else (e.g.: "Sono Adrienne e ho una sorella, Clara. Io sono bionda, lei è bruna"). I noticed you asked something related to this in another question so I hope they'll give you a better explanation, if needed.
    Also, it's "stanca" and not "stanco" since you're a girl.
    And finally, it's "italiano elementare", and not the other way round.
    In bocca al lupo :-)


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