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Hard to Choose

Recently, I answered a question below:
In no more than 200 words tell us about a time when you have had to overcome significant difficulties to achieve something. Tell us how you approached the issue and managed to overcome any obstacles.

No one can never run into big or small difficulties during twenty years. Many faces with smiles and tears are pictured in my mind just in a split second. But the reality, the things we did, and the confusion and dilemma we met, in my opinion, do not count as significant difficulties. I argue it because these will be things of the past sooner or later. And what I consider the most difficult is the choices at the crossroads of life. Last year, before I graduated there are at least two different ways in front of me. Proceeded to a postgraduate degree in the major of material science which is no examination or worked for a state-owned enterprise. At last, I choose to forgo the great opportunity of learning in school, even I understood that it won’t be easy to go back. I still not sure if I made a good decision but during the working time I can see clearly what I need and what to pursue. There is a wonderful quote from Benjamin Franklin, “There are three types of people in the world, those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.” I know that I’m the one who move and make things happen.



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