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I noted that most of foreigners speak very fast. Yestoday i met three foreigners. I was a little bit excited because i thought i can practice my english with native speakers face to face. But the fact wasn't like that. They spoke very fast so I couldn't understand what they had said. They slso asked me if i could understand them. I answered that only caught some words. But they still didn't speak slower. Because they think if they speak slower they will think the listeners are silly(interpreter tolk me this later).

As to speaking rate, in china we never use it judge a person's ability. Actually, we don't need people speak fast, but we need them to speak clear and make sure the listeners understand what you have said. We also don't need you to say too much, in contrast, make it simple and concise.

We usually think if you speak fast, then listeners cann't get your points. This is your fault. If you speak concise and simple, and audience don't understand what you have said, it's their fault.




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