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Bike over bridge


It's been about 10 years now since I've owned a car (yet used to have a small truck). But, travel by bike is really fun or rather, can be fun. It's fun when the weather is warm enough and I've determined it's tolerable in near freezing weather with the right clothing.

The bridge you see in this picture is on a trail north of town. Lately I've been riding nearly every day on that trail. You can go either direction to find interesting trails.

There will be an annual bike ride in the middle of June where I live in Goshen, Indiana. It's called the Pumpkinvine Ride and the money people pay to ride in this is used to continue with trail building. The project began over 25 year ago and was called: Rails to Trails. An old railroad track was taken out and in its place, the biking, walking and jogging trail was built. There are markers along the trail noting one mile, 1.5 miles, 2 miles, etc. Periodically there is an outhouse (outdoor portable bathroom). Periodically there's a park bench where you can sit down to rest if you want. Many, many, many bicyclists will be riding in the Pumpkinvine Ride.

For a period of time I lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado Springs has an annual ride called the Starlight Spectacular. The ride starts at midnight and a thousand or more people ride up through Garden of the Gods (large red rocks) and then back through the city.

For the one time I participated in this, I had a blast. I came in nearly last, but, yes, it was still very fun. Riders get a free breakfast when they return about 3 or 4 in the morning. I say free, but you have to pay to be in the ride. The ride in the city is made safe because police hold back any traffic at intersections.
The bike I had back then was a Specialized mountain bike. Its frame was really too small for me, so my knees would hurt unless I kept the seat way up high.

The frame of the bike you see in this picture is the right size. Finally after years and years, I am getting the knack of how to be a better bicyclist. The next step will be to get a light for this new bike.




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