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I'm actually just going to write some sentences with their intended meaning. I admit, Korean grammar confuses me, but I can alway try, right? Feel free to tell me where I went wrong. :)

Today, I was filming.
오늘에는 제가 촬영했어요.

Because I like filming, I am very happy.
촬영하는 걸 좋아해서 진짜 행복해요.

But I can't do it at the moment.
근데 지금 못해요.

I lack a working battery/I lack working batteries.
되는 배터리가 없어요.

My videos are on Youtube.
제 동영상 유튜브에 있어요.

However, (the videos) aren't that interesting.
그렇지만 별로 재미없어요.

Thats it...



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