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Last year when I was in Tbilisi, I stopped by a small market where ladies were making ხაჩაპური (xachapuri ). We had a very lovely and friendly conversation and they asked if I knew any Georgian singers. Well I didn't at that time - all I heard was limited to Georgian chorus of men, and I decided to listen to some Georgian music.

I didn't enjoy the modern music, as I think it has not got the nation's soul, so I went with oldies. Unfortunately it is very hard to find lyrics of those songs, so I hope you can help me with that.

First song is by Simgerebi Tbilisze, and it is called "Chagara Tbilisi"

I searched for the translation of the name - and could not find a proper translation. As I didn't know the correct spelling. Some resources say it is "White Tbilisi", others say it is "Brave Tbilisi". If you can, please drop the lyrics...

And there is one special song, called - გოგოვ გოგოვ მე შენს მეტი - again, I cannot find a proper translation, and also the lyrics.... But I love this song very much, especially the Trio Tbilisi version.



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